Crystal EPABX Inspire 308

Crystal EPABX Inspire 308

Product Code  :  Inspire 308

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  • Auto call Back on Busy Extn.
  •  Barge in with warning tone
  •  Call Monitor
  •  Call Toggle (between Extension)
  •  Call pickup (Intercom / Trunk Call)
    (I) Common Pickup
    (II) Selective Pickup
  •  Call Transfer Mode
    (I) Transfer with Flash
    (II) Transfer without Flash
  •  Call transfer Type
    (I) Transfer after Consult
    (II) Transfer without Consult
  •  Call Hold
  •  Caller ID (Extension Call)
  •  Call Forward
  •  Conference (3 party)
  •  Extension to Extension Call






  • Access Group for Trunk
    (I) Access Linear Mode
    (II) Access Rotational Mode
    (III) Access Selective Mode
    (IV) Access Reserve Mode
  •  Auto call Back on Busy Trunk
  •  Class of Service (Local / STD / ISD)
  •  COS Trunk Check Clause
  •  Call Toggle (Outword Trunk Call)
  •  Day Night Mode (Manual / Auto)
  •  DTMF Dialing
  •  External Trunk Call
  •  Global 100 Memory Bank (for All Extn.)
  •  Hot Line Dialing (Trunk No.)
  •  Last no. Redial
  •  Selective Trunk Barring
  • Trunk Tie Digit




  • Caller ID ( Incoming Trunk Calls)
    (I) DTMF signal
    (II) Round Robin / Simultaneous
    (III) Transferred call (In / Out)
  •  Call Toggle (Incoming Trunk Call)
  •  DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
  •  Day Night Mode (Manual / Auto)
  •  Incoming Ring Type
    (I) Round Robin Ring Call
    (II) Simultaneous Ring Call

Optional Value Added Function of 308

MMOH (120 sec )

  • Music Recordable
  •  Voice Recordable
  •  Put on Hold Replay

KTS Interface

  • 2 Port Interface
  • Max. 2 KTS Connect

Voice Disa

  • 1 CH VDC
  •  Welcome / Error Busy / No Reply
  •  Day & Night Greeting

FND + KTS Interface

  • To Connect FND Display
  •  To Connect KTS

Relay & Paging Card

  • Paging (Option to connect external audio amplifier for announcement)
  •  Relay (Option to connect external EM Door Lock or Electric Gadgets)



  • Date & time Display
  •  Room No. / Extn. No. Display
  •  Room Buzzer Alert No. Display
  •  Room call Buzzer waiting flash
  •  Call waiting flash clear option


Inbuilt Value Added Function for All

  • Password Protected
  •  Remote Programming
  •  RTC Function (only in 308)
    (To operate timer function for day night mode, Alarm, Flash, etc.)




  • Alarm (One Time / Repeat)
  •  Do not Disturb
  •  Extension Ring Type
    (I) Normal

      (II) Trunk
      (III) Executive

      (IV) Cordless

  •  Flash Time
  •  Hot line (Extension)
  •  Relay action (Manual / Auto Mode)
  •  Flexible Extn. /Features Code No.
  •  Feature Enable / Disable Codee


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